A cooking class in Sorrento

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From pizza to tiramisu

The half-day cookery class given at the Esperidi Resort in Sant'Agnellu was a very worthwhile and memorable holiday experience.

On the menu that day were mini-pizzas, deep-fried but surprisingly light and not fatty...


...followed by ravioli (of course!)...


then a delicately flavoured dish of fish baked on top of potatoes in the oven...

... finishing with tiramisu.


I'm not giving away the recipes but, next time you are in or near Sorrento, reserve time for the cookery course. The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients are readily available, even outside Italy. Mina, the chef, and Monica, the English interpreter/assistant made a good team and were patient with our sometimes clumsy attempts at Italian cuisine.

About 10 participants from all round the English-speaking world learnt how to make a full meal which we then sat down to enjoy altogether.

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