A walk on the Sorrento peninsula

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From Termini to Sorrento

This is an easy combination of segments from the Sunflower book by Julian Tippett : Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Capri: Car Tours and Walks (Landscapes). A pleasant bus ride from Sorrento railway station takes you to Termini in about 40 minutes. From Termini village and later, as the path rises above the village, there are splendid views of the island of Capri.


After rain, some of the paths and steps are very slippery. Many of the stone steps slope downhill so my progress was often slow for that reason. The path takes you across olive groves, past safely protected lemon trees and through one or two sleepy villages so that, when you reach Massa Lubrense it seems by contrast a bustling community.

Below you can see the nets attached to the olive trees, ready to be spread out below the trees for the next harvest, more lemons protected from the wind and rain, and the tomatoes outside the shop in Massa Lubrense look like the tasty Rondino variety which made up part of my picnic each lunchtime.


I did go wrong once but didn't feel like going back up a long flight of slippery steps to see if I'd overlooked a landmark or if something had changed since the book was written. As a result, I found myself walking along the narrow mainroad, with no provision for pedestrians, for 2 kilometres until I found a sideroad leading back to the path.

As you approach Sorrento, you will have beautiful views of the whole of the Gulf of Sorrento stretching as far as Meta and then the path brings you down to the little fishing harbour of Marina Grande, Sorrento.


Getting back to Sorrento in the middle of the afternoon and looking for a relaxing way to the pass the time, I hopped onto an open-top sightseeing bus without realising that I would in fact retrace my steps of the morning. It enabled me to catch this sunset view of Capri, again from Termini village.

My visit took place at the end of March 2008. I in fact stayed in Sant'Agnello close to the railway station but I think Sorrento (as the "hub") would have been more practical from the point of view of transport.

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