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Trekking in Morocco

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Djebel Sahro :

Setting out from Nkob on our way to Tiguiza. The mules with the team of mule-drivers had gone on ahead to set up our camp for the night.

After 3 nights under canvas, the weather was getting colder and colder and finally the snow arrived: that's why we're frantically trying to warm our hands at the burning bush. Mohamed, our guide, took pity on us and led us to the comparative comfort of the gite at Igli: at least we had a roof over our heads and 4 solid walls that night.

And what a view the following day with a deep blue sky for our walk via the needles towards the twin rocks of Bab'n Ali and the campsite at Akhbach.

And in a hollow in this
spectacular spot was a camp of nomads which we were advised not to photograph. The picture is in my mind to this day.

On the road to Bab 'n Ali, another striking rock formation, a shop in the middle of nowhere (and an intrepid English(French)woman).

This is one of the many tasty meals prepared by our valiant cook in difficult circumstances.

From the roof of the Kasbah Imdoukal And then I have to admit I gave up... One last night camping in the freezing cold together with the snores of my tentmate (who had a bad cold) and the growls of Penelope, the dog who had adopted our group from the outset and who was being threatened by the local shepherd dogs just a few inches away on the other side of the tent canvas, made me decide that was enough.

Mohamed, bless him, arranged for me to get back to Nkob where I spent a day I shall never forget amongst the throngs of local people who had spent the Eid festival with their families and were milling around trying (like me) to get onto a bus for Ouarzazate. Not a Westerner in sight and everyone wore long robes with turbans or hoods: it was straight out of the Bible stories.
In the end I stayed overnight in the warmth and comfort of the Kasbah Imdoukal (their website seems to have disappeared) of Nkob (a long, hot shower, what a luxury!) and met up with the group a few days later in Ouarzazate.

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This was a ten-night trekking trip organised by Exodus in January 2006. I managed six nights under canvas !